Acai Berry

The Healthy Boost Of Amafruits Acai Berry Puree

Acai Berry Puree

Acai berry purees from Amafruits are 100% organic, certified by the USDA and loaded with antioxidants to help battle colds and the flu. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) warns that the season for colds and flus can run from October through May. A whopping 200,000 plus of the 5- 20% of American citizens who come down with the flu each season end up in the hospital. Amafruits can help lower this statistic.

Healthy living habits that include enough sleep, exercise, and antioxidant rich foods like Amafruits puree can boost an individual’s immune system and help them avoid the flu. With more antioxidants in one 100g serving, the acai berry puree from Amafruits beats prunes, blueberries, dark chocolate, raisins, strawberries, and blackberries, together. WebMD refers to it as one the top 15 foods to boost the immune system.

A frozen acai berry puree from Amafruit is an ideal way to boost the immune system when included in a healthy diet. Most of the fruit is seed, 95%, and inedible as it is. The purple flesh around the acai berry must be separated from the seed and pureed and frozen. For maximum nutrition benefits, this should be done within the first 18- 24 hours of harvesting.Amafruits

The acai berry purees from Amafruits come frozen and can be eaten in a fruit smoothie or possibly with a sprinkling if granola over the top, in a traditional Brazilian dish. Every Amafruits berry package is loaded with nutrients and beneficial ingredients. Each 100g package includes nineteen amino acids, 3g of fiber, Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids, and a range of helpful minerals.

At present, Amafruits only offers purees from the acai berry, but they will soon be introducing two more purees made from fruits found in the Amazon this fall. Anyone interested should browse the Amafruits site at, where they can look through and purchase products.

Rebecca and Brandon Hovey, both citizens of Brazil, are the founders of Amafruit. Many American citizens benefit from their high integrity efforts. They have a passion for, and belief in, their enterprise and are dedicated to high quality service, sustainable efforts, and a socially conscious approach. The Amafruits labor force consists of Brazilian workers like farmers and harvesters. All efforts never lose sight of the goal of preserving and maintaining one of the world’s greatest wonders, the rainforests of the Amazon.

Acai Berry

Free Acai Berry In Your Diet

Free Acai Berry In Your Diet

Getting free acai berry in your diet will keep you healthy and strong. It is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, and more. This fruit is great for everyone. It contains a natural sugar so those who may be overweight or suffer from health problems do not have to worry that they are eating white sugar. Many supplements that contain this fruit are also great for your hair and skin. They provide the health benefits you need to stay healthy.

So if you are interested in keeping your skin and hair healthy, you should eat this berry daily. It will make you feel and look good.

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Acai Berry

Acai Berry Weight Loss With Free Acai Berry

Free Acai Berry

Try a free acai berry offer today which  helps begin a healthy weight loss effort and improves the body, strengthens the body, and  helps to fight other medical problems. Working out takes nutrients, the body’s systems need strong foods and acai is one of the best known of the world. Acai berry weight loss products help to replenish precious nutrients. Getting what is necessary to stay healthy is not easy when you are on the go but with acai berry weight loss supplements, I have found that losing weight in a healthy way is easier.

Free Acai Berry
Tony Horton, creator of workout program P90X, leads an abdominal excercise during a calisthenics routine at the southside gym, Ramstein Air Base, Oct. 7, 2011. Horton conducted two free strength training workout sessions for 325 military personnel and dependents. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Brea Miller)

Acai Berry is good for the immune system, reducing pain in the body and it helps people to lose weight. With the ability to stir up your metabolism, the acai fruit is a wonderful super-food for the weight loss process. Riding the body of excess weight is never an easy task but eating foods that help the body burn fat along with a good exercise routine gives you every chance at success.

This super packed vitamin filled fruit is found in the Amazon Rain Forrest. The native people of the region have known about this super fruit for centuries and its talent for keeping the body healthy. Now the world is interested in this delicious food and for good reason. The fruit tastes delicious and it is wonderful for the body. The fruit makes it easy to lose weight with any reasonable exercise routine.

Acai Berry

The Benefits Of Free Acai Berry In The Diet

Free Acai Berry

Berries are considered to be one of the fruits that provide the most nutrients in the body. Aside from the numerous antioxidants they contain, berries are also high in fiber, low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed by the system in order to function normally. One particular type of berry that provides a lot of benefits to health is none other than the acai berry. The acai berry is packed with antioxidants that are effective in preventing fast deterioration of the brain cells. Aside from this, acai berries are also densely packed with fiber and they also contain more mono-saturated fats and vitamins compared to other types of fruit berries. There are many Benefits Of Free Acai Berry.

Because of the numerous benefits that can be acquired from eating acai berries, this type of fruit is usually included in the diet of aging people. Free acai berry can help reduce memory loss and improve the mental condition and performance of elder people. The fruit is also very effective against free radicals in the body. These free radicals are the ones responsible in weakening or damaging the cells. However, incorporating acai berry in the diet can help enhance the body’s overall functioning.

Benefits Of Free Acai Berry
Benefits Of Free Acai Berry

In addition to these health benefits, free acai berry is also very good in boosting the body’s metabolism. This is the reason why it is highly recommended for people who are aiming to lose weight. The fruit also helps in optimizing digestion thus allowing the body to eliminate wastes as quickly as possible. These are just some of the wonderful benefits that can be acquired in including acai berry in the diet.

Acai Berry

Prevention Of Vision Loss Through Acai Berry

According to a recent study, an ancient berry has the potential of preventing diabetes-related vision loss. This is a medical breakthrough that could really make a difference in the health industry for the prevention of vision loss. Through the use of new cellular research, scientists from The University of Sydney suggest that Goji Berry has a component that is able to make a change. The discovery states that the Taurine content from the free Acai Berry can protect the eyes from diabetic retinopathy.

Basil Roufogalis, a pharmaceutical chemistry professor at the Univeristy of Sydney, has a simple explanation on how one can develop diabetic retinopathy. He said that retina cells can die if glucose levels in the eyes exceed the normal vale. The organ which is responsible for vision has protein contents that undergo oxidation while the glucose forces retinal cell death. Because of this, blood vessels may build up in the retinal area and grow over the vision spot. This condition covers other structures and contributes in vision loss.

The journal of Diabetes & Metabolism even has a publication of the study. It states that the research involves the exposure of cells to pure taurine and goji berry extract which also has the same composition. The results seem to give an idea that taurine and Acai berry protects the cells from dying. Roufogalis and his team are hopeful that there will be future human trials to prove such success.

Acai Berry

Top 8 Blueberry Health Benefits

Blueberries belong to the bilberry and cranberry family. They grow in clusters on a bush and are about the size of a marble or pea. Despite their small size, they are as potent and as healthy as any other fruit and, in fact, may provide benefits that other fruits cannot. Below are some of the Blueberry Health Benefits you should consider.

The various health benefits of blueberries include:

1. Lowering cholesterol levels

Blueberries reduce cholesterol by preventing the build-up of lipids in the blood vessels and preventing the absorption of fats in the intestines. They also reduce the risk of heart disease.

Blueberry Health Benefits

2. Being high in antioxidants

Blueberries are high in antioxidants. The anthocyanin they contain, which gives them their distinctive blue color, makes them rank particularly highly amongst other fresh fruits, but they contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, copper, iron, zinc and selenium as well, which help reduce the toxins in, and oxidative stress on, cells.

3. Reducing fat levels around the waist

According to a recent study by the University of Michigan’s Cardiovascular Centre, blueberries reduce the amount of fat stored around the waist by lowering triglyceride levels in adipose tissue. This leads to a reduction in overall weight and total fat mass, thus reducing the risk of obesity related illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

4. Preventing urinary tract infections

Blueberries contain chemicals that prevent the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract. Preventing urinary tract infections plays a key role in preventing renal kidney disease.

5. Improving cognitive function

Blueberries are well known for improving memory and concentration. They contain nutrients that prevent the degeneration of nerve cells, or neurons, thereby preventing neurotic disorders such asdementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A study has also revealed that the memory function of older adults who take blueberries is improved, and is, in fact, similar to the normal mental functioning of younger people.

6. Preventing loss of vision

The anthocyanins in blueberries slow down the loss of vision, especially in older people. Blueberries may also delay, if not prevent, eye problems such as myopia, cataracts, retinal problems and macular degeneration. For these benefits, consider eating up to three servings of blueberries a day.

7. Improving digestion

Blueberries contain roughage, which improves digestion and helps keep bowel movements regular. The copper, sodium, fructose, and vitamins they contain also contribute to healthier digestion.

8. Preventing, and possibly curing, cancer

Blueberries contain Pterostilbene, which has cancer fighting properties. In fact, studies have shown that blueberries may even inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells and induce cell death of malignant cells, thereby possibly curing certain types of cancer.

In order to benefit from blueberries, it is important to choose the right kind. Make sure you choose blueberries that are firm and have a uniform blue hue. Avoid soft and dull blueberries because these may not be fresh and may already have lost some of their important chemicals.

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