The Jorge Cruise 100 Plan

The Jorge Cruise 100 Plan

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The Jorge Cruise 100 plan is one of the hottest new diets on the market, promising extreme results without requiring that dieters give up all sweets. Based on the idea that not all calories are created equal, the diet gives dieters a chance to eat some of their favorites while still watching their waistlines.

The Jorge Cruise 100 plan is deceptively simple. The crux of the plan is not on limiting all calories, but rather on limiting the calories that come from carbohydrates. Rather than eliminating carbs, the diet is based on eating no more than one hundred carbohydrates from sugar in a single day. While this might seem like quite the luxury to those who have been on zero-carb diets in the past, the diet requires that its adherents take a look at what they eat and discover how many carbohydrate calories they put in their bodies every day. What most find will surprise them, and lead them to a healthier eating style.

The diet has had remarkable results, at least according to Cruise. Those who follow the diet are reported to lose about eighteen pounds in two weeks, a truly miraculous sum. Given the book’s reliance on cutting out sugars, though, the results are not actually that outlandish. When those who follow the book take the time to actually look at what they eat and make smarter choices about what they should and should not have, the odds of losing weight are actually much higher than those experienced by individuals who choose to eliminate carbs completely.

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