Acai Berry

The Healthy Boost Of Amafruits Acai Berry Puree

Acai Berry Puree

Acai berry purees from Amafruits are 100% organic, certified by the USDA and loaded with antioxidants to help battle colds and the flu. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) warns that the season for colds and flus can run from October through May. A whopping 200,000 plus of the 5- 20% of American citizens who come down with the flu each season end up in the hospital. Amafruits can help lower this statistic.

Healthy living habits that include enough sleep, exercise, and antioxidant rich foods like Amafruits puree can boost an individual’s immune system and help them avoid the flu. With more antioxidants in one 100g serving, the acai berry puree from Amafruits beats prunes, blueberries, dark chocolate, raisins, strawberries, and blackberries, together. WebMD refers to it as one the top 15 foods to boost the immune system.

A frozen acai berry puree from Amafruit is an ideal way to boost the immune system when included in a healthy diet. Most of the fruit is seed, 95%, and inedible as it is. The purple flesh around the acai berry must be separated from the seed and pureed and frozen. For maximum nutrition benefits, this should be done within the first 18- 24 hours of harvesting.Amafruits

The acai berry purees from Amafruits come frozen and can be eaten in a fruit smoothie or possibly with a sprinkling if granola over the top, in a traditional Brazilian dish. Every Amafruits berry package is loaded with nutrients and beneficial ingredients. Each 100g package includes nineteen amino acids, 3g of fiber, Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids, and a range of helpful minerals.

At present, Amafruits only offers purees from the acai berry, but they will soon be introducing two more purees made from fruits found in the Amazon this fall. Anyone interested should browse the Amafruits site at, where they can look through and purchase products.

Rebecca and Brandon Hovey, both citizens of Brazil, are the founders of Amafruit. Many American citizens benefit from their high integrity efforts. They have a passion for, and belief in, their enterprise and are dedicated to high quality service, sustainable efforts, and a socially conscious approach. The Amafruits labor force consists of Brazilian workers like farmers and harvesters. All efforts never lose sight of the goal of preserving and maintaining one of the world’s greatest wonders, the rainforests of the Amazon.

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