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The Benefits Of Free Acai Berry In The Diet

Free Acai Berry

Berries are considered to be one of the fruits that provide the most nutrients in the body. Aside from the numerous antioxidants they contain, berries are also high in fiber, low in calories and rich in vitamins and minerals that are needed by the system in order to function normally. One particular type of berry that provides a lot of benefits to health is none other than the acai berry. The acai berry is packed with antioxidants that are effective in preventing fast deterioration of the brain cells. Aside from this, acai berries are also densely packed with fiber and they also contain more mono-saturated fats and vitamins compared to other types of fruit berries. There are many Benefits Of Free Acai Berry.

Because of the numerous benefits that can be acquired from eating acai berries, this type of fruit is usually included in the diet of aging people. Free acai berry can help reduce memory loss and improve the mental condition and performance of elder people. The fruit is also very effective against free radicals in the body. These free radicals are the ones responsible in weakening or damaging the cells. However, incorporating acai berry in the diet can help enhance the body’s overall functioning.

Benefits Of Free Acai Berry
Benefits Of Free Acai Berry

In addition to these health benefits, free acai berry is also very good in boosting the body’s metabolism. This is the reason why it is highly recommended for people who are aiming to lose weight. The fruit also helps in optimizing digestion thus allowing the body to eliminate wastes as quickly as possible. These are just some of the wonderful benefits that can be acquired in including acai berry in the diet.

Prevention Of Vision Loss Through Acai Berry

According to a recent study, an ancient berry has the potential of preventing diabetes-related vision loss. This is a medical breakthrough that could really make a difference in the health industry for the prevention of vision loss. Through the use of new cellular research, scientists from The University of Sydney suggest that Goji Berry has a component that is able to make a change. The discovery states that the Taurine content from the free Acai Berry can protect the eyes from diabetic retinopathy.

Basil Roufogalis, a pharmaceutical chemistry professor at the Univeristy of Sydney, has a simple explanation on how one can develop diabetic retinopathy. He said that retina cells can die if glucose levels in the eyes exceed the normal vale. The organ which is responsible for vision has protein contents that undergo oxidation while the glucose forces retinal cell death. Because of this, blood vessels may build up in the retinal area and grow over the vision spot. This condition covers other structures and contributes in vision loss.

The journal of Diabetes & Metabolism even has a publication of the study. It states that the research involves the exposure of cells to pure taurine and goji berry extract which also has the same composition. The results seem to give an idea that taurine and Acai berry protects the cells from dying. Roufogalis and his team are hopeful that there will be future human trials to prove such success.