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Top Tips To Get Your Olympic Body Ready For This Summer

London will host the 2012 Olympics this year so it is the ideal time for the nation to get their bodies fit and ready for the games. World class athletes invest a lot of time in developing the ultimate Olympic body, so what is actually involved?

Body type

What are you best at? Different bodies have the ability to perform different tasks more effectively. Sprinting may come natural to some, whereas others will find endurance tasks come more naturally. Therefore, individuals should familiarize themselves with their body composition as different people have a different percentage of muscle fiber type that determines whether or not their body will excel in power, speed or endurance. Training the body should be directed towards the body’s natural ability.

Set goals

Individuals wanting an Olympic body should know what it is they want to achieve at the end result. Therefore, an event that is enjoyed by an athlete is the event that any training or physical plan should revolve around. If the training is enjoyed individuals are far more likely to see success. People that want to lose weight should review their diet and commence an interval training program of cardiovascular endurance exercise alongside short sprinting. Running, cycling or swimming will help achieve weight loss.

Review diet

Olympic athletes have a strict diet that is followed religiously. Diet is the key focus for individuals looking to improve their physical and mental well being. Forget calorie counting and direct attention towards the content of the food. Everybody is aware of the importance of eating fruit, vegetables and slow carbohydrates, but individuals are encouraged to note the sugar content of the foods being consumed as sugar has high calorie count. diet plans will create structure for meals and snacks which will aid weight loss.

Olympic Body
Olympic Body

Eat frequently

Regular food intake will maximize the body’s efficiency, and this will increase the metabolism which means more calories are burnt. Olympic athletes consume five to six meals daily as smaller meals increase muscle mass and maintain maximum efficiency.

Drink water

60% of the body is made up of water; therefore regular water intake is absolutely necessary. The circulatory functions will be affected if the body endures a fluid loss of just 2% which will decrease performance significantly.


Regular and intense training will help athletes reach their ultimate potential. Depending on the individual it will take different methods and time periods to reach the goals in place. To see real improvements, three workouts daily will instigate the progression to an Olympic body.

There are plenty of strategies to help individuals get the Olympic body but it will take time and commitment. Diet is essential and people should enforce a healthy and nutritious diet plan straight away. Exercise should be eased in gradually to prevent injury and exercise intensity and duration will gradually develop as training is introduce.

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