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Fight the Festive Flab the Fun Way – Pole Fitness

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If you told your friends that you were going to take up pole dancing ten years ago they may have reacted as though you’d told them you were going to become a lap dancer or take up a new job in the sex trade. To many people, pole dancing was certainly not the kind of thing any respectable girls should be involved with.

Fortunately times have changed and pole dancing has shed a lot of its old associations and is recognised by many as a sport and a really fun way to stay in shape. Pole dancing now has international championships and competitions as well as regulations and its celebrities, just like any other sport, even if you can don your glad rags to take part.

Pole dancing can be traced back to the twelfth century, where it began as a fertility dance performed around a wooden pole, although the dancing was far removed from the styles and technique you will see today. Modern pole dancing moves are more akin to 1950s burlesque performances. Pole dancing owes a lot to Fawnia Mondey who did a lot to legitimise it as a form of dance though her dance lessons and DVDs which allowed people to learn pole dancing in the privacy of their own homes and made it more mainstream.

You’ll often here pole dancing referred to as pole fitness or pole sport as dancers like to emphasise the strength, flexibility and skill that is needed to deliver a breath-taking performance. While pole dancing is easy to get started in some of the moves are highly complex and can take months of practice to get right. A quick search on YouTube and you will come across some jaw-dropping routines, which make you think more of acrobatic circus performances than sleazy clubs. Watching a dancer support her whole body in a horizontal position just using her hands or feet shows the gymnastic skill and strength needed to perform some of these advanced tricks.

Why Choose Pole Fitness?

Pole fitness is really taking off as a way of keeping fit. As well as being fun it can help to improve your core muscles as well as your flexibility. You will develop strength in your hands and legs, and then when you progress to more complex moves you will works areas that most sports won’t reach such as your underarms or hips!

If at first you don’t succeed.

While some moves are easy to get the first time, others can take a lot of patience to master. To begin with you should expect a few bruises from gripping the pole tightly and most likely falling off a few times as some moves will take a lot of practice to get right. You should you use a pole mat to cushion your falls and know your limits so you never push yourself too hard. A lot of people find that once they have gotten over the initial hurdles and put a routine together that they are hooked. They find that their body improves and they develop more strength better posture and that they generally feel a lot sexier than before they started dancing.

It’s easier than you might think to take the plunge with pole dancing schools popping up all over the place and many gyms offering classes. You don’t even need to leave your own home if you don’t want to. YouTube has lots of pole dancing tutorials and there are a wide range of DVD lessons to choose from. There are a lot of choices for dance poles too. You can get permanent poles for your home, but most people choose one the portable pole models on the market. This means that the pole does not need to be a permanent feature in the living room (or wherever you choose to put it). If you are apprehensive about taking a class at a school or gym, then you may find one of the many pole dancing experience days more suitable, they also make great days out for the girls if you are shy to have a go alone.

I hope that this intro to pole fitness has tempted you to give it a try. I’m Caitin and I’ve been pole dancing for 3 years. It took me a few lessons to really get into the swing of things but then I was hooked. When I’m not dancing I write for . As well as keeping up to date with the latest gossip on our blog you can also compare prices of a wide range of pole dancing poles. You can also find me on twitter at @poledancepoles

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