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20 Habits That Make You Fat

In today’s society there are many ways to develop poor health choices. The following are 20 habits that can increase fat content.

Low-fat foods

Low-fat foods substitute fat with simple carbohydrates which act as a type of fat fuel. Not only does a high carbohydrate diet fuel increased fat development, but carbohydrates digest quickly and can cause rebound hunger.

Not Seeking Help

Many people fail multiple times at dieting, but continue to try without guidance. Seeking nutritional counselling can better inform you and help in creating a healthier lifestyle.

Poor Sleep Habits

Sleeping too much or too little can cause increased fat retention. Too little sleep causes increased sugar consumption and too much sleep can cause fat to be stored. Six to eight hours is optimal.

Free Food

Complimentary food at restaurants such as bread sticks or chips contain minimal nutrition value, but come at a price. Some bread sticks contain 150 calories and can quickly increase the total calories of the meal.

Drinking Pop

Both regular and diet soda can increase fat. Regular contains high carbohydrate values, and diet pop contains artificial sugars that can increase appetite.

Skipping Meals

Taking a meal off can slow down metabolism and increased fat produced. Five small meals per day can increase metabolism throughout the day.

Eating Quickly

Eating too fast doesn’t allow the body to understand it is consuming calories. Taking more time to eat allows the body to catch up and feel full after much less food consumption.

Too Much TV

Studies have shown that reducing TV time can increased calories burned. Multitasking while watching also helps burn calories.

Value Meals

These may be cheaper, but they contain more calories and may be more food than you want.

Looking At Buffets

When eating at a buffet style restaurant try to face away from the food. This creates a decreased need to consume more food.

Plate Size

When given the option, choosing a smaller plate can save on calories. Larger plates have more food and calories.

Serving Dishes

When serving a family style meal, avoid placing the serving dishes on the table. Place them away from the table to limit the access to more food.

White Bread

Choosing white bread over wheat bread creates higher carbohydrate consumption. These extra carbohydrates cause rebound hunger and a sugar rush.

Big Bites

Taking big bites of food has shown to increase calorie consumption. Smaller bites help the body feel fuller and can decrease calorie consumption.

Not Getting Enough Water

Water is not only fuel for the body, but it also can make you feel full faster. People who drink water before a meal consume fewer calories.

Overweight Friends

People who surround themselves with overweight people tend to be overweight themselves. This is from increased calories consumed when hanging out, as well as decreased accountability towards weight loss.

Late Night Eating

When sleeping a good amount the body can burn fat. If the stomach is busy processing recently eaten food, however, the fat burning process is put on hold.

Not Using A Scale

When people are monitoring weight with a scale they are more likely to be focused on their goals. Being aware of what works and what doesn’t for weight loss is a good step to continue losing weight.

Fruity Drinks

Fruit drinks from the store or a restaurant usually contain high amounts of syrups and sugars. This equates to a larger waistline.

Emotional Eating

When emotions are running high, don’t head for food. Not only does this create unnecessary calorie consumption, but it also increases the likelihood of more emotional eating.

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