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HCG Diet Success: Maintenance/Starches

The HCG diet is a diet that many people follow and has led a lot of people to achieve their weight loss ambitions and goals. Many people work really hard to lose weight and find it very hard to be successful. The great thing about the HCG drops is that it does have a great record of results for a wide array of different people. One of the things that a person who is following the HCG diet needs to keep in mind is that it is a fairly strict diet and it does require a lot of will power as well as a significant amount of motivation. The diet has four phases and along with each phase comes certain parameters that a person must abide by in order for the diet to work and in order for a person to lose weight.

During stage three, which is the maintenance phase of the diet a person is not allowed to eat starches for the first three weeks of the maintenance phase. It is very important for an individual to know what a starch is as a means to know what a person must avoid eating. Many people may think that they know what constitutes a starch, but once a person is told that they can no longer eat them they realize that they are not exactly sure what qualifies as a starch and what does not qualify as a starch. It is imperative for a person to be sure of what falls under the category of a starch if this person is going to abide by the rules of t he diet which stipulate for an individual to not eat starches.

Starches cover an extensive amount of different foods, some that are commonly associated with a starch like foods and others that a person might be surprised to find fall under that category. Breads fall under starches and that even includes the Melba toast and bread sticks that are on the meal plan and list of foods that a person is allowed to eat, so for the first three weeks a person cannot eat these as part of the meal plan. A person cannot have any type of pasta or any type of rice. An individual avoiding starches should also definitely avoid cereal and oatmeal for breakfast.

One might be surprised to learn that there are also some vegetables that fall under the starch category. A person who is avoiding starches cannot eat yams, corn, carrots, pea or potatoes as all of these vegetables are starches and, therefore prohibited from the beginning phases of this healthy diet.

There are also some fruits that a person cannot eat either. Bananas, pineapple, mango and cherries are all fruits that must be avoided when a person is eliminating starch from their diet.

It also might come as a surprise to some people that they cannot eat beans while avoiding starches, while beans are healthy, they are under the category of a starch.

Starches must be avoided at the beginning of the HCG diet and it will certainly help for an individual to know undoubtedly what is a starch.

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