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Wheels for Weight Loss: Bikes, Skateboards and Rollerblades

Weight loss should not be a chore. In fact, as personal trainers will tell you, exercise activities should be fun.  And your healthy lifestyle should not end the second you leave a fitness camp.  You can and should continue to incorporate the fitness activities you learned at camp into your work and daily life.

Consider, for instance, the morning and evening commute to the office or your weekend trips to the mall. Driving a car or taking a cab, train or a bus leaves most of your muscles idle from one car seat to the next. They also require you to spend gas money or to pay fares. Your carbon footprint does not get reduced either.

Short trips within the city can be more fun, more fit, more economical and more environmentally friendly by biking, skateboarding or rollerblading. The price of these rides is very minimal compared to the price of a car. They also do not require constant refills of gas or electricity. Remember to check the quality of your equipment before buying, though. Test how they handle your weight as they will be carrying you every day.

These three ways of getting around town are good cardio workouts. The speed and adrenaline that your legs and arms create gets your blood pumping and increases your heart rate to healthy levels.

To add to this, these holistic exercises require your body to work for balance and to resist gravity. This strengthens your bones.

In terms of sweating off the fat, an hour on a bike, skateboard or rollerblades will make you burn almost 300 calories. And this is at a light pace on smooth terrain without the tricks. Imagine how many calories you can burn off as you go faster at 12 miles per hour on terrains like unpaved roads. (You can use an odometer to measure your speed and distance. Imagine the muscle strength you will develop as you try tricks like pirouettes.

In as short as a week, you will notice that you can do activities longer without feeling short of breath. In a month, your hips, thighs and buttocks will become more toned. The fact that you have to keep your head up and your eyes forward while you bike, skateboard or rollerblade will also force your body into a straight posture. Such a posture while working out will tone your back and torso. You can also add arm and wrist movements to even out the strain, especially when on rollerblades or a skateboard.

Remember to practice safety also. Wear a helmet and knee pads. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that let you move and stretch. (You can carry your work clothes in a backpack.) Wear gloves to protect your hands from friction when you bike. Know the traffic laws in your city and keep yourself in bike lanes, white lines or sidewalks. Bring a bottle of water. Warm up by riding at a light pace for the first 10 minutes, and you’re off.


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