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Do HCG Drops Work as Well as Injections?

The biggest question raised about HCG drops is whether or not they are as effective as the injection form. Extensive studies have shown that HCG drops are just as effective as injections! Both injection and drop form have proven that HCG dieters can lose up to 1 pound a day while on the diet.

There are a few advantages to taking HCG in drop form as opposed to getting the injections. HCG drops can be taken with you just about anywhere you go, and are pain free. They eliminate the need to take painful injections and obtain doctor’s prescriptions.

Development of HCG Drops:

In the past the only option for taking HCG was to have the hormone injected into your muscle tissue. Now with the advancements in medicine HCG can be taken in sublingual drop form. HCG drops or Oral HCG is a homeopathic remedy. This HCG is taken through a deliberate dilution process until the final product remaining is the most potent form.

Both methods of taking HCG are completely safe and have shown to bring rapid weight loss results. In general men have greater results than women on the HCG diet. This may be due in part to their tendency to possess greater muscle mass.

What is HCG and How Does it Work?

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone that can be found in women during pregnancy. It is created by the placenta and serves as a protection to muscle tissue and vital organs in case calories are restricted drastically. The amount of HCG in pregnant women is much higher than what is taken during the HCG Drops, which makes it completely safe for men to take as well.

As with any diet you should consult your physician before you begin to make sure that you have no other health issues that might conflict. The HCG Drops Diet has been used for several used and has proven to be a great aid in weight loss. HCG helps your body to target stored fat and use it as energy. This allows dieters to restrict the number of calories they intake daily, and in turn limits the source of fuel for the body to the fat that it has in reserve. HCG will not let your body target any necessary fat, which means that even on a very low calorie diet you will be completely healthy.


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