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How to Overcome Fitness Obstacles

Many people are overwhelmed with their quest o be in good shape and to lose weight. Reaching health and fitness goals are made harder by the different obstacles that present themselves along the way. Some people are hampered by health issues. Many by there busy schedules. Then there are those who are prone to procrastination and laziness.

These are just some of the great hurdles that hinder people from doing the things needed to become healthy and fit. These obstacles don’t just present themselves to newcomers but to those who have been working out for a long time already. Indeed, a new batch of obstacles seems to appear every time you’ve successfully hurdled old ones. The question in many people’s minds is how to deal with these blocks.

This article provides useful tips on how to overcome fitness obstacles.

Change of Perspective

One of the things that people need to realize about obstacles is that they are often just as big or as small as how we perceive them to be. This is the reason why people regard certain kinds of obstacles differently. Thus, we hear of stories of a paralyzed man who is leading a very active life and on the other hand hear reports about perfectly healthy young individuals who don’t even want to walk for 20 minutes a day.

The key is to discover how you view obstacles. Many view obstacles as blocks and that’s why they never attempt to go through it. Then there are people who see obstacles as challenges. It excites them and that feeling of excitement motivates them to move forward.

Just Do It

The underlying feeling when people don’t want to go through obstacles is fear. Basically, they are afraid to fail or they are afraid to get hurt. But the productive way to act when faced with fear is just to just do what needs to be done. If you are hampered because of a busy schedule, just try to stick to your routine or make some necessary changes just don’t drop it altogether. If you simply can’t spend 30 minutes on a treadmill then get yourself a Needak rebounder and just do rebounding exercises for 10 to 15 minutes a day.

Don’t worry that you won’t be able to keep up with your crazy schedule. When you stick to your routine long enough, you may notice your schedule easing up a bit. Obstacles have a way of disappearing when met with courage and action. Nike said it best: Just do it!

Your Intuition is Your Friend

In trying to get through obstacles, always remember that you have an ally, your intuition or what is otherwise known as the little voice in your head. Probably the best way to know what our intuition is telling us is through our feelings. If you are feeling guilty, for example, of not spending time on exercise then maybe it’s your intuition letting you know how important exercise really is.

When you start a fitness routine, you will surely be met by many obstacles. How you will deal with these obstacles is up to you.


Formula for Healthy Living: Diet + Exercise = Happiness

Anxiety is a normal part of life. How you deal with that anxiety can make the difference between feeling happier or feeling depressed on a regular basis. Typically, people’s first reaction to having a stressful day is to plop down on the couch, turn on the tube and start nibbling. This often gives way to overeating and hours of immobility as you try to process the stresses you face. These methods may make you feel better in the short run, but in the end, they could cause you to feel worse. A healthy diet with plenty of exercise can reduce your stress levels with the fringe benefit of increasing your overall health and trimming your waistline.

Breaking Up a Normal Work Day

If possible, try to exercise in settings that are different from the places where you spend the majority of your day. If you work in an office, step outside for a brisk walk. If you are a homemaker, visit a local gym where you can talk to other members while you exercise. A change in scenery can help you feel more comfortable and happy with your normal routine. Exercising outside whenever possible can be invigorating because it causes you to breathe fresh air deeply into your lungs for an extended period.

Resist the temptation to eat with coworkers if that means traveling to a restaurant. Bring your own lunch that includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains and small portions of lien protein. Be sure you have plenty of healthy non-perishable snacks at your desk so that you will never be tempted by the vending machine.

Regular Exercise Improves Sleep Patterns

Research has shown that regular exercise regimens can improve the sleep patterns of insomniacs. Exercise gives your body a chance to work muscles that may not be worked at any other part of the day. Burning those extra calories will help you be more ready to sleep at the end of the day.

A healthy diet is an important part of maintaining the high energy levels needed for regular exercise. Eat healthy foods to fuel your exercise program and reap the benefits at night. Having a sound eight-hour sleep will keep you feeling more alert. Proper rest reduces stress and increases your feeling of well-being.

Exercise Increases Endorphin Levels

Scientists have found that exercising triggers the release of feel-good hormones called endorphins. These hormones make you feel more energetic, which increases your happiness levels. You may notice that when you first begin to exercise, your body feels tired. This is less likely to occur if you eat a healthy and balanced diet most of the time.

As you extend your workout, you begin to feel stronger. The endorphins released into your body are providing an extra boost of energy so that you can maintain your increased activity longer. Even after you finish exercising, the endorphin levels remain high for hours. This endorphin rush leads to better moods and can help stabilize your moods over time. Stable moods are also helpful in managing stress in a healthy way, instead of coping with food.


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The Route to a Healthy Heart – Red Wine VS The Acai Berry

It has been widely known for many years now that red wine offers excellent health benefits when it comes to the heart. For example, the French are known for their love of good red wine and it has been proven that the French do, in general, have much healthier hearts than the people of many other countries in the Western world.

It is anthocyanins, the antioxidants present in red wine, which have been proven to offer significant benefits to the human heart. Anthocyanins help to reduce blood pressure, lessen the risk of blood clotting and prevent hardening of the arteries.

Anthocyanins are found in the skins of red grapes. Yet it is considerably more beneficial to consume the antioxidants by drinking red wine than it is to eat the grapes in their original form. This is because the alcohol in the wine helps to extract and dissolve the anthocyanins, allowing the body to absorb them more easily.

But not everyone wants to, or should, drink alcohol. Thankfully it seems there may be an excellent alternative.

The last few years has seen the media buzzing with stories of the Acai Berry benefits. Yet most of this has been in relation to how the berry is able to aid in weight loss and general health. What has been less talked about are the levels of anthocyanins contained within this elusive fruit.

In fact, research has demonstrated that one dose of Acai Berry contains almost 30 times as much anthocyanins than is to be found in a glass of red wine.

So which is the better option?

The main problem with drinking red wine in order to reap its heart healthy benefits is that it is still an alcoholic drink. There are so many contradicting reports around regarding whether alcohol is good for us or not, and how much of it we should drink, that it’s impossible to say for sure whether we should really be consuming any of it.

Many reports state that alcohol reduces the risk of blood clots while raising the levels of good cholesterol in the body. Even if this is true, it’s inconclusive how much alcohol we can drink before it becomes a danger to our body (as it is certainly confirmed that excessive alcohol can have drastic effects on the liver).

Yet the Acai Berry comes with none of these worries. One of the Acai Berry benefits is that there are no known side effects attached to its consumption, only positive, health-giving properties. So surely the Acai Berry is a safer way to enjoy the benefits of anthocyanins? Additionally, one of the Acai Berry benefits is that it can assist in weight loss, while alcohol is undeniably a calorific drink that will only lead to weight gain.

Having said that, drinking red wine is an enjoyable activity, much more so than consuming a daily supplement, so it really is down to the individual and what they feel is best for them. However, there is no harm in having a daily glass of red wine and an Acai Berry supplement. And considering that the Acai Berry offers so many health benefits in addition to what it does for the heart, it would almost be rude not to.


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