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Getting Healthy with a Smoothie Maker

Drinking smoothies is very popular right now because they are derived from fresh fruits and are very healthy to drink. They are also easy to make and are great refreshments after working out. Another best thing about it is that supplements can be easily blended in making it an all in one nutritious drink.

This popularity that smoothies have reached paved the way for the smoothie maker to enter the market. Fashioned after the blender, the smoothie maker grinds and mixes fruits and ice and other additives to create a smoothie. They have more powerful motors than the regular blender to make it easier to grind ice. They also have what is called a stir stick to better mix the concoction and really reduce the solid parts into liquid. Another feature that this electric appliance have is the dispensing mechanism near the bottom of the smoothie pitcher. This eliminates the lifting of the pitcher to pour its contents into a glass where in regular blenders can be a bit messy.

Since supplements can be mixed into the drink, smoothies are perfect for those in a specific diet. Like for those who are trying to bulk up and build up s
ome muscles, protein powder is an essential supplement to take. Mixing the powder into the smoothie will make a more nutritious drink. If one is taking more than one supplement, mixing it all into the blend will save one a lot of time in preparing and taking those supplements.

The best thing about smoothie makers is that one can create one’s own blend. Mixing and matching fruits to blend can be a fun experience. One’s smoothie can contain all the nutrients of one to a dozen fruits and supplements making it one very healthy drink. It also save a lot of time and effort as one doesn’t have to eat one to a dozen pieces of fruit all at once.

P90X Rips Your Body

Extreme home fitness workout program, P90X, is a system that claims to rip your body in 90 days. Up to 83% of the people who have used the product rated it 4-5 stars. The product is as expected; DVDs and written materials provided along are good too. There is a fitness test in it too which is quite extreme. People often can not pass it, and have to send the product back. This results in a loss of money.

The workouts are hard, long and require a commitment. Hard workouts can knock one out unless he/she has athletic aptitude. The video trainer has a positive attitude as well. He has covered all the aspects of flexibility, stamina and strength quite well. Other training programs only focus on a certain area, but P90X focuses on all areas.

The one restriction with this product is that it is not for very obese people. It is for attaining a better shape when already in good health, and not to attain a lesser weight. Yet it provides a good start for beginners and gets them into shape decently.

Unlike Power 90, P90X workouts are non-repeating. The workouts are expanded on a bigger scale. The program is not expensive when DVDs and written materials are counted too. Supplements recommended are expensive. Generally the pros weigh more than its cons and help in rating the program as a very good workout program. The best thing about the program is its high level of customization. One can arrange the program according to his/her goals. If one wants to loose more weight, the program can be rearranged into P90X Lean. The equipment one might need other than the program include a yoga mat, dumbbells, and a chin up bar.

Author: Imran loves to write about different health related issues, products and solutions like signs of depression and treatment methods etc.