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Strength Training is a Necessity and not a Luxury!

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Strength Training is a Necessity and not a Luxury!

A healthy life needs a healthy body. We can attain a healthy body and mind not just by eating the best of nutritious food can but also by doing regular exercises to stay in the pink of health. Such exercises must include strength training.

Generally people equate strength training with bodybuilding, which are in fact, as different from each other as chalk and cheese. Even the name itself makes it sound amply different; one is all about making a solid body that results in bulging muscles and shining abs, whereas the other is harnessing strength in the body for increasing stamina.

Strength training consists of a combination of aerobics and cardio workouts and other weight lifting exercises that help in building stamina for the heart and the lungs while conditioning them for a smoother and longer life. These work outs help in losing weight too, while making you look better and toned without any muscles bulging out of your shirt. A well-toned body is a result of well-planned strength training.

A body gets its shape and strength through the bony framework and the layer of muscles that wraps around it. The latter also perform the key task of holding our internal organs in their place, by acting like a safety belt.

With age, especially after 40, the muscles start weakening and losing their elasticity.   Cardio workouts and aerobics alone do not add strength to the muscles. Therefore, without strength training, with passing of every year, the body witnesses decrease in strength.  But there is good news for people in the higher age bracket. The muscle wasting can be delayed with proper exercises to build strength. This will help you build more muscles and slow down their ageing. The result will be a fitter and healthier body than you had in your younger days.

Work outs with lighter weights and increasing repetitions create a body with toned muscles. But for the best results everyone should start strength training early to keep their body strong and not wait till a late age to start it.

Benefits of strength training are:

• Muscles strengthens, slow downs muscle loss too

Body Metabolism rate increases

• Strengthening of bones

Muscles also burn far more calories than even fat does. Once you have lifted weights, the ensued metabolism continues within your body even when you are sleeping. The body continues to burn out all fat from the body.

Now that you know how important strength training is, get started with it if you want to remain fit and healthy. The sooner you start, the better will be the results and more will be the envious glances from others.

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