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Getting A High Jumping Ability Using The Jump Manual

The ability to jump high in sports like football, volleyball and basketball will always give the player an advantage over opponents and this is why so many athletes search for programs that will guide them on exercise and other factors that will help them improve their vertical jumping abilities. If you are an athlete or are aspiring to be one and are looking for a way to increase the height you can jump in the field, I will recommend the jump manual as one of the best and most comprehensive vertical jump programs you will ever come across. This is a program that was developed and written by Jacob Miller, a renowned trainer who has years of experience and a trail of records in training professional sports people.

There are millions of gifted athletes all over the world who do not make it through their first steps of in the field basically because they cannot jump high enough. The jump manual is a comprehensive program that focuses on utilizing weight, stretching and plyometric exercises to make the muscles stronger, the feet more agile and the joints flexible for an athlete to jump higher than they naturally can. Although anyone can do exercises on their own and achieve a high jumping ability, the importance of using such a jump program like the jump manual is that you will have all the research work done for you by a professional and you will always be guided on what to do, when to do, how long to do them and what you should expect.

Most of the exercises to jump higher are intensive but very effective, they focus on growing and strengthening the muscles above all. If you have dreams to be a high jumper in the field, to have the advantage of blocking high shots and making amazing dunks, the easiest and most effective safe natural way to achieve your ambition is using the jump manual.

Get Rid Of Underarm Jiggle with These Tips

If you’re looking to get rid of underarm jiggle, it’s important that you take the smartest approach possible to combat this problem head on.  Far too many people are not using the right techniques when aiming to get rid of underarm jiggle and because of this, do not see the results they’re after.

The following tips are going to help you get rid of that underarm jiggle once and for all while developing a more toned and defined look.

Perform Two Triceps Exercises per Session

The very first thing you should be doing if you want to get rid of your underarm jiggle is perform a variety of different triceps weight lifting exercises.  This is going to help firm and tone that muscle area so it’s not only stronger, but looks better as well.

Since muscles respond best to variety, don’t let yourself get hung up on only one particular exercise.

Instead, mix it up between a number of different movements, adding at least two per workout.  Good triceps exercises include bent over triceps extensions, overhead triceps extensions, dips, rope press-downs and triangle push-ups.

Don’t forget that you’ll also work the triceps any time you’re doing a bench press, a shoulder press, or an incline press as well.

Add In Interval Cardio Training

The next thing that you must be doing to help get rid of the underarm jiggle is add in some interval cardio training.  This form of cardio is going to be far more effective for increasing the metabolic rate which then helps speed up the entire fat loss process.

By doing interval training rather than your regular cardio workouts, you’ll not only help to reduce the underarm jiggle but you’ll also lean up the entire rest of your body as well. Since losing the underarm jiggle comes down to just lowering the entire body fat level, as the arms look better all other areas will too.

Be Sure To Use a Lowered Calorie Diet

Finally the last thing that you must be sure you’re doing is using a lower calorie diet.  Exercising is definitely going to help with losing the underarm jiggle but if you’re taking in too many calories, you still are going to struggle.  It’s very easy to eat back what you burned off in an entire workout session in a matter of minutes if you’re not careful so by paying attention to your diet you’ll really be speeding up the process of reaching this goal.

Loosing that underarm jiggle is going to require a combination of a lower calorie diet that’s high in protein and vegetables, enough interval cardio training to boost the metabolism and help shed body fat all over, as well as appropriate strength training exercises that will stimulate the area right underneath the arms.

It’s important to realize however that you can’t spot reduce so even though you may be performing all your triceps strengthening exercises, it’s only when you’re successfully able to bring the body fat levels down that you’re really going to accomplish success.

This article is a guest post by Nick. Nick writes for Muscle Building & Healthy Weight Blog – Building Body Nick also follows fat loss and fitness programs and provides first hand reviews of this programs on his blog. Right now he is trying a program called 7 Minute Muscle –You should check out his blog to read more of it. Also, subscribe to fitness newsletter.

Five Great Beverages for Weight Loss

Five Great Beverages for Weight Loss

As you set out on your weight loss diet, it’s incredibly important that you’re being mindful of everything that you’re drinking.  Far too many people just focus on what they’re eating without giving any thought and attention to the drinks they are consuming which could really be driving their calorie intake up there.

By taking the time to ensure that you’re only putting smart beverages into your body, you’re going to see that much better results from your effort.

Here are five great beverages to consider adding to your day that do offer fat loss benefits.


Clearly the best choice for beverage selection while aiming for weight loss is plain old water.  Drinking enough water on a daily basis is going to help you stay hydrated while also making sure your metabolic rate is functioning as effectively as possible.

If you are at all dehydrated throughout the day this will have a significant influence on how many calories you burn over the course of the day, making further fat loss that much more difficult.

If you’re struggling to get in enough water each day, consider adding a slice of lemon or lime to it to help jazz up the flavor.


Second, another great beverage to include on your weight loss diet is milk.  Many studies have indicated that those who do consume lower fat dairy products achieve greater weight loss success, especially with abdominal fat.

As long as you are making sure to work the calories from the milk into your daily total, you can’t go wrong with this drink.

Protein Powder

Third, the next thing that you must not cut from your diet is a quality whey protein powder.  Getting in enough protein on a fat loss diet is the one thing that will stop you from losing muscle mass loss and since many people do struggle to get in enough protein, having this whey protein powder in there will be incredibly helpful.

Just watch that you’re not mixing your protein powder in with too many other ingredients and driving the overall calorie intake up there however otherwise that may put a stop to your weight loss progress.

Green Tea

One of the best hot beverages to drink if you’re looking for something to warm you up on a cold day is green tea.  Green tea actually contains certain properties that will help to speed up the metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories every minute of the day.

Green tea also helps to protect against many different diseases, so from a health standpoint it’s also an excellent one to be adding.

Herbal Tea

Finally, if you aren’t a green tea fan, consider a simple herbal tea. This will not contain the caffeine that regular coffee would but will still provide the appetite lowering benefits of a hot liquid.

Herbal teas may also help to reduce your craving for something sweet if you use a fruit variety sweetened with stevia, so that’s something to consider as well.

By starting to pay more attention to what you’re drinking as well as what you’re eating you can guarantee that you make the most of your weight loss program.

This is a guest post by Nick Clipton. Nick owns and writes for www.Building Body His newsletter has lots of effective tips on fitness and nutrition. Nick also reviews fat loss and muscle building programs. These days he is following a fitness program – 7 Minute Muscle – This program is for people who want to stay fit without spending really long time on workouts or gym. You can subscribe to his newsletter to receive more such tips and information.

How to Get Rid of Weight-loss Strategies this Season?

How to Get Rid of Weight-loss Strategies this Season?

All that you read cannot be believed. The schemes such as “lose weight easy and fast” really do not work. Once you lose weight fast, with the same speed you will get it back. In case you are ready for sporting your swimsuit this summer, then don’t blindly go for the fast fixes.

TV infomercials are catering to those needing help to lose weight to fit themselves into their swimsuits this season. These schemes for weight loss might help people dropping a few pounds, but this fast weight-loss, which is mainly water weight-loss, vanishes as quickly as it is achieved.

These are a few typical schemes touted as fast weight-loss mechanisms for everybody wishing to look great in swimwear.

Spot reducing: Spot reducing is nothing but a hoax. It means doing couple of exercises and losing weight then and there. It does not work for any part of your body like the abs or the legs. Remember that any such schemes telling you to do that are not faithful at all.

Fad diets: Nutritionally poor diets should be avoided as they can make you sick. And if you are sick, you will definitely look worse in your swimsuit. Now cutting down your calories to a less-than-sufficient level as part of a diet scheme is only starvation. In the ‘starvation mode’, the body starts holding on to the fat in absence of proper meal. It sabotages all your efforts.  If your diet scheme allows to have only a single type of food, then your body will enter into the ‘panic mode’.

Surgery: The surgical procedures for attaining weight-loss are dangerous, costly, and most of the times don’t result in the transformation one expects. For example, it would look very odd for a size 14 lady to undergo liposuction to get her transformed into a buxom beauty of size 4. It may tighten up the body in some areas but overall you will look almost the same size. It is not advisable to try to attain the perfect body through the dangerous process of plastic surgery, liposuction, or stomach stapling.

Liquid nutrition: The shakes used as food replacement don’t supply enough nutrition and fiber for your need. The necessary minerals and vitamins without any surplus calorie can be obtained through a healthy eating practice. By substituting your proper meals with couple of shakes doesn’t help to lose weight, but instead it might induce overeating because of prolonged hunger.

You want to have the best body possible, right?  With the help of a practice of eating healthy and exercising regularly, you can achieve that goal comfortably. No weight-loss scheme or any magic potion can help you reach there any faster. The fast fixes actually don’t work and in reality you might end up in a worse health condition.

Starting today go for some sensible and good fitness program, and in no time you will become healthy and fit and will look great in your swimsuit.  Simply stick to it and you’ll keep feeling and looking great for your whole life.