American Diabetic Diet

American Diabetic Diet

This is a healthy diet for both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals. As diabetes is a prevalent issue in the US, it is advisable to gain knowledge of what American diabetic diet has in store for its dieters. One may avert the probability of developing diabetes or being afflicted by this disease by following this diet.

The American diabetic diet is suggested by the American diabetes association. It is a low-sugar and low-fat diet. This diet comprises of foodstuffs like fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The dieter should avoid consuming treated foods for a better outcome. As food requirements differ from individual to individual, it is desirable for dieters to consult with any dietician before making any alterations in their diet chart. This essentially pertains to individuals with diabetes.

Food Groups:

The American diabetic diet involves consumption of foodstuff from the following four food groups:

  1. Fruits and Vegetables: The dieters should have at least five meals that include fruits and vegetables everyday.
  2. Grains: It includes grains like pasta, cereal and bread. The dieters are required to eat six to eleven portions of these grains everyday. These foodstuffs are recommended for diabetes affected people or individuals who want to shed their weight as they contain carbohydrates in great amounts and are low in sugar.
  3. Meat along with fish and chicken: The American diabetic diet recommends its dieters to eat a good amount of meat as well as fish and chicken. They should consume two meals on an average.
  4. Dairy: Eggs are the best suited for dieters among the dairy products. But they may add other dairy items in their diet like ice creams, milk, cheese and yogurt. For losing weight, one should consume low-fat yogurt with skimmed milk.
  5. Sweets: Sweets intake is not curbed by the American diabetic diet. According to specialists of the food industry, diabetics should have sweets in moderate amounts. Apart from consuming white sugar, dieters can also have brown sugar, sweets with high calories, honey and molasses. Low-calorie sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame are good as well. Dieters may consume them in place of sugar.

Overweight individuals or those who are having the symptoms of diabetes should start following the American diabetic diet. It is important for diabetic people to lose excess weight by pursuing this diet chart and abolishing their probability of chronic diabetes. Consult a dietician or a healthcare specialist before going on this diet. The American diabetic diet is very popular these days, as it pertains to diabetes related problems.

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