Green Tea: The Best Weight Loss Beverage

Green Tea: The Best Weight Loss Beverage

Have you ever heard the “a green tea a day keeps obesity away” motto?

If not, then there’s no pain in trying it. In fact, it is one of the easiest and healthiest alternatives for people who look forward to lose their extra weight. Not to mention it is all natural and scientifically proven. Green tea is fairly cheap as well.

Green tea is a staple to the Chinese culture and has been for the past 3000 years. This is probably the reason why Chinese people live longer and have fewer obesity cases in comparison to other nations.

Where does green tea come from? It comes from the family of black tea. What sets it apart from the other tea is how its leaves have been processed.

Green Tea Benefits:

Not only people who would like to lose weight, but also people who suffer from heart ailments can also benefit from drinking green tea. According to scientists, drinking green tea as part of your daily routine lowers the risk of heart diseases. Green tea’s anti-oxidants also prevent the risk of cancer.

Additionally, green tea regulates glucose levels. This happens through an enzyme amylase. Blood sugar level increase is slowed down after meals by this enzyme.

How does Green Tea Function?

Studies show that individuals who drink green tea regularly have lower fat levels in their body compared to non-green tea drinkers.

According to the American Journal of Clinical nutrition, green tea lowers cholesterol levels through a component called catechin. Catechins prevent weight gain by preventing the storage of glucose in fat cells. This fights excess sugar and fat build-up in our system.

Green tea is also made effective by a plant chemical EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) and caffeine. These components facilitate the production of nonadrenalin. Nonadrenalin curbs ones appetite and speeds up the metabolism (thermogenesis). Green tea also aids digestion and prevents the release of fat enzymes.

By drinking green tea, people can lose more calories (up to 78 a day) and pounds (about 2 to 2 1/2) every month.

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