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American Diabetic Diet

American Diabetic Diet

This is a healthy diet for both diabetic and non-diabetic individuals. As diabetes is a prevalent issue in the US, it is advisable to gain knowledge of what American diabetic diet has in store for its dieters. One may avert the probability of developing diabetes or being afflicted by this disease by following this diet.

The American diabetic diet is suggested by the American diabetes association. It is a low-sugar and low-fat diet. This diet comprises of foodstuffs like fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The dieter should avoid consuming treated foods for a better outcome. As food requirements differ from individual to individual, it is desirable for dieters to consult with any dietician before making any alterations in their diet chart. This essentially pertains to individuals with diabetes.

Food Groups:

The American diabetic diet involves consumption of foodstuff from the following four food groups:

  1. Fruits and Vegetables: The dieters should have at least five meals that include fruits and vegetables everyday.
  2. Grains: It includes grains like pasta, cereal and bread. The dieters are required to eat six to eleven portions of these grains everyday. These foodstuffs are recommended for diabetes affected people or individuals who want to shed their weight as they contain carbohydrates in great amounts and are low in sugar.
  3. Meat along with fish and chicken: The American diabetic diet recommends its dieters to eat a good amount of meat as well as fish and chicken. They should consume two meals on an average.
  4. Dairy: Eggs are the best suited for dieters among the dairy products. But they may add other dairy items in their diet like ice creams, milk, cheese and yogurt. For losing weight, one should consume low-fat yogurt with skimmed milk.
  5. Sweets: Sweets intake is not curbed by the American diabetic diet. According to specialists of the food industry, diabetics should have sweets in moderate amounts. Apart from consuming white sugar, dieters can also have brown sugar, sweets with high calories, honey and molasses. Low-calorie sweeteners like saccharin and aspartame are good as well. Dieters may consume them in place of sugar.

Overweight individuals or those who are having the symptoms of diabetes should start following the American diabetic diet. It is important for diabetic people to lose excess weight by pursuing this diet chart and abolishing their probability of chronic diabetes. Consult a dietician or a healthcare specialist before going on this diet. The American diabetic diet is very popular these days, as it pertains to diabetes related problems.

Diet for Arthritis

Diet for Arthritis

The arthritis diet is extremely useful in fighting the ill consequences of Arthritis. Diet plays a vital role in overall growth of cells and tissues of a body.

Arthritis is a sickness that causes pain and mobility loss in bones and joints. The word arthritis literally signifies joint inflammation as in (arth = joint and ritis = inflammation) and occurs in 100 different types.

One has to depend on the mobility of his joints for daily work and arthritis can hinder this. The illness is usually chronic, so it can have its effect now and again for a persons entire life span. The 100 kinds of arthritis may affect various portions of the body. This disease can have its effect on individuals of all age groups including young adults and children.

Individuals diagnosed with arthritis symptoms need to pursue a natural arthritis diet to relieve their pain and improve their mobility.

Natural Diet:

A catalog of natural diets for arthritis patients is mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, the diet should comprise of foodstuffs abundant in vitamins, minerals and proteins.
  2. Eat green vegetables, juices of raw vegetables, sprouts and fibrous fruits.
  3. Arthritis patients should consume ginger juice and raw potato juice, since it is proven to be very effective.
  4. They should drink water in glasses made of copper, as copper is an excellent natural home therapy to cure arthritis.
  5. Prevent eating junk foods as much as possible.
  6. Fish should be consumed in good quantities as it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which is a useful diet ingredient for arthritis patients.

This diet will have the most effect on the patients if they strike a good balance between activities and rest. Some particular homemade natural drinks can be consumed along with the natural diet by them to cure their arthritis problems.

  1. Add one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice to lukewarm water. This is a good natural drink. Patients need to have this juice early morning everyday.
  2. Juices made of cucumber, carrot and chenopodium album or bathua leaves are good for arthritis patients.
  3. To reduce arthritis pain, consume a drink, made by mixing one teaspoon of turmeric to lukewarm water, almost daily.
  4. Alfalfa tea is also beneficial for them.
  5. Consume walnuts and coconuts as part of the diet to make bones and joints stronger.
  6. Blend two teaspoons of honey with the same quantity of apple cider vinegar in lukewarm water. It is an important homemade natural drink and should be consumed every morning.
  7. Make a fruit drink with a base of couple of bananas. Add one cup of fresh blueberries, a chunk of mango and one or two kale leaves to it. Mix organic virgin coconut oil, about two teaspoons, with it. This is a great nourishing natural homemade drink.

Other Vital Diet Instructions:

There are some particular food items which are not safe for arthritis patients and should be avoided totally. These are aerated water, white bread, white flour and rice products, sausages, sugar, high-calorie items like ice-creams, cakes, candy, pastries, pies, cheese and beverages such as tea and coffee.

The majority of arthritis patients who pursue appropriate natural and home based arthritis diets can get improvement in their arthritis condition significantly.

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Are There Any Acai Side Effects?

There is no shortage of advertisements that are focused on weight loss these days. Multiple forms of media are assaulted with “lose weight quick” schemes, new fashionable diets such as the “south beach diet”. While all of the advertisements may make it seem easy, there is always a risk when changing your eating habits without knowing what your body needs. The acai berry has gained increasing popularity in recent years because of its supposed role in weight loss, and like any other popular diet trend, it should be scrutinized.

What is the Acai berry, and are there any side effects? The Acai berry is a fruit that is grown in Central and South America. It is a small fruit, smaller than a grape actually. There is a lot of fan fare about the health benefits of the Acai berry. It is said to increase energy levels, sexual performance, digestive functions, healthy skin and heart health. Although, there is no real evidence that the fruit provides much advantage over any other normal fruit, such as concord grapes or blueberries. Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence that consumption of the berry will have any affect on weight loss.

In as much as it is promoted as a dietary food, one should do their own research as to whether or not there are any acai side effects. The tried and true weight loss practice will always be physical exercise. Regular trips to the gym will lead to feeling more energized, weight loss, and it is good for the heart. Here are 10 great reasons to join a gym today!

  1. It is fun!
  2. It is good for the heart.
  3. It will help you lose weight.
  4. It is a good way to meet new people.
  5. More energy to get through your day.
  6. An all natural way to get fit!
  7. A number of stress relieving amenities to take advantage of.
  8. An array of programs to address your specific needs.
  9. Muscle building.
  10. Did we mention it was fun!

Therefore, whether you chose to research the Acai berry and the possible acai side effects and find out that it is something you want to use to help encourage weight loss, it will never be a substitute for getting to the gym and being physical!

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Green Tea: The Best Weight Loss Beverage

Green Tea: The Best Weight Loss Beverage

Have you ever heard the “a green tea a day keeps obesity away” motto?

If not, then there’s no pain in trying it. In fact, it is one of the easiest and healthiest alternatives for people who look forward to lose their extra weight. Not to mention it is all natural and scientifically proven. Green tea is fairly cheap as well.

Green tea is a staple to the Chinese culture and has been for the past 3000 years. This is probably the reason why Chinese people live longer and have fewer obesity cases in comparison to other nations.

Where does green tea come from? It comes from the family of black tea. What sets it apart from the other tea is how its leaves have been processed.

Green Tea Benefits:

Not only people who would like to lose weight, but also people who suffer from heart ailments can also benefit from drinking green tea. According to scientists, drinking green tea as part of your daily routine lowers the risk of heart diseases. Green tea’s anti-oxidants also prevent the risk of cancer.

Additionally, green tea regulates glucose levels. This happens through an enzyme amylase. Blood sugar level increase is slowed down after meals by this enzyme.

How does Green Tea Function?

Studies show that individuals who drink green tea regularly have lower fat levels in their body compared to non-green tea drinkers.

According to the American Journal of Clinical nutrition, green tea lowers cholesterol levels through a component called catechin. Catechins prevent weight gain by preventing the storage of glucose in fat cells. This fights excess sugar and fat build-up in our system.

Green tea is also made effective by a plant chemical EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) and caffeine. These components facilitate the production of nonadrenalin. Nonadrenalin curbs ones appetite and speeds up the metabolism (thermogenesis). Green tea also aids digestion and prevents the release of fat enzymes.

By drinking green tea, people can lose more calories (up to 78 a day) and pounds (about 2 to 2 1/2) every month.

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