How to Cleanse the Colon Naturally

How to Cleanse the Colon Naturally

Throughout recent years colon cleansing diets have grown in popularity, but there really is no need to enlist in severe dietary changes that could lead to uncomfortable results.  Colon cleansing diets should be incorporated into your life only after you have begun natural colon cleansing practices into your daily routine.  Following these tips will help ease you into effective colon cleansing.

More Water

Drinking plenty of water is essential to cleansing your colon naturally.  And you guessed right – eight 8 oz. glasses is what you need.  If you want to be sure that you’re getting enough, measure your water out into a bottle to guarantee your daily intake.  This will prepare you for herbal colon cleansing diets.

Less Dairy

Eating less dairy products will also help cleanse your colon.  Dairy increases the amount of mucus in your digestive tract which works against colon cleansing and proper functioning.  However, you don’t need to eliminate dairy, just eat less.

Consume Fiber

Consuming fiber is crucial to colon cleansing and digestive health.  Colon cleansing does not mean watery stools; your bowel movements should be more solid and comfortable.  This is achieved by incorporating plenty of fiber into your diet.

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