Dance and Fitness: Shake Your Booty to Drop Pounds

Dance and Fitness: Shake Your Booty to Drop Pounds

Exercise isn’t always fun now is it? But if it is not fun, then you probably will not stick to it and put in the time to slim your body. But now fitness is fun with the latest trends in fitness, dance classes. Fitness clubs are offering dance classes as a way for clients to get in shape and keep it exciting for everyone. The classes range from fitness dancing to erotic/pole dancing.

And the dance classes are incredibly popular. Everyone is having fun and working up a sweat at a dance class within the gym where they used to hate to go. Let’s see: sweating, excitement, and moving to the latest hits – that sounds like a great work out to me. It has all the qualities of an excellent means to lose some unwanted lbs. You know, we’ve all seen the television show ‘Dancing with the Stars’, those couples look great.

Let’s take a look at the options for dancing until you drop? Below are a number of the dance crazes that are most popular today.

  • Zumba

    – This fitness class is really ahead in popularity today. It is a mix of dancing styles including salsa, meringue, and other Latin dances put to stirring music. The workout becomes more of an experience than an exercise class. Several hundred calories can be burned in an hour from twirling, kicking, and twisting.

  • Hip Hop Choreography

    – If you’ve been to a Hip Hop concert lately you know the girls on stage are some incredible dancers. These performers take classes for years and practice all the time. A strong body core and balance are required so a great exercise program was developed. When you complete a class of stomping, turning, and jumping, you will have energized and in great shape.

  • Ballroom Dance

    – Did anyone ever think that such a graceful and high class form of dance would evolve into an exercise routine? But it’s not the same ballroom dancing your parents used to do. Quick moves, spins, dips, and throws make this form of dance hot. To excel at ballroom dance you have to be in shape and well toned for the competition.

  • Aerobics Dance

    – Mix dance moves with the aerobics you have been doing for years and you have a really fun class for all. Step aerobics routines are used to tone the legs and buns while pumping the heart. And the steps become fluid with the addition of cambia dance moves. While step aerobics can be difficult, adding in the excitement of dance and choreography makes the time fly by.

  • Couples Dance Lessons

    – More couples today are finding dance classes a good way to work up a sweat and have some fun doing so. Fox Trot, Salsa, Ballroom or even Freestyle classes are being offered across the country. Get some friends together and purchase a package at a small studio. You’ll learn some new dance steps while getting into shape.

Dancing could be the next big thing in fitness trends. Does everyone have fun? Yes. And does everyone improve their fitness level in the process? Yes! Participants do not feel as if they are working out but their bodies still obtain the benefits of a work out. You will work muscles you didn’t even know you had.

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