Skinny Vegan Diet and Vegan Weight Loss

Skinny Vegan Diet and Vegan Weight Loss

The Skinny Vegan Diet plan is popular among celebrity and every day people alike now-a-days. It is designed to assist you in losing weight so you can look like one of the thin models in magazine ads or in the tabloid pages.

The diet is a reflection of the book Skinny B**** (you understand which five letter word). The name is a little over the top and the language in the book is similar. But we are concerned here with the substance of the diet plan (the meat and bones if you get the pun). This is really a vegan system that detoxifies the body through the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

As a vegan only eating plan, no animal fats are allowed to be consumed. You’ll have to stop eating pig, cow, fish, and chicken (or any other meat) for the duration of the diet. According to the developers, animal fats are ruining our organs and overloading our intestines to a degree that is not healthy.

Here is a list of foods that are permitted on the Skinny Vegan diet plan:

· Natural fruits and vegetables

· Whole grains

· Organic oils

· Desserts made with unrefined sugar and ingredients (Sounds ok)

· Water, tea, and wine (Sparingly)

The developers do allow some processed foods like soy ice cream and veggie fries but that is all. Frequently you eat when hungry or you plan to eat every few hours, but with the Skinny Vegan Diet, you wait until you are famished to recognize the feeling of proper hunger.

And on the diet there happen to be more banned foods than allowed foods. If you unsure, anything you eat normally is not allowed unless you are currently vegan.

The meaning here is on clearing out the body and to reprogram the body to accept healthier foods. Unfortunately, the Skinny Vegan Diet doesn’t list nutritional information with its meal plans nor go by any guiding principle for daily nutritional requirements. In fact, many vegans and vegetarians have difficulties with eating enough protein when there is an absence of meat. You could have some of the same issues here. Other vitamins are also missing from the diet as well from what I have observed.

Think about it: you will lose weight as you are eating little when it comes to calories per day. The hunger factor can be high with a lack of food selections. If it is possible to stay on the diet for a month, you could easily fall off the wagon before beginning a second month. There are other diet plans available which allow protein in the form of meat, fish, eggs, and dairy (in moderation) which still provide for weight loss.

The Skinny Vegan diet is for sure a fad. The meal plan is missing suitable accounting of the nutritional worth of foods to make appropriate choices. Besides this fact, fish, dairy products, and lean meats contain essential nutrients you cannot consume naturally from other sources. Please look for something more gratifying to get healthy this year.

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