Acai Berry

Acai Berry Articles: Informative or Scam?

Acai Berry Articles: Informative or Scam?

Lately, there has been so much talk about the purported health benefits of the Acai Berry-in the media, online, and even from your favorite celebrities; but please take all info with a grain of salt.

OMG! this was the BEST!!!
OMG! this was the BEST!!! (Photo credit: CRASH:candy)

With the popularity of the Acai Berry in efforts to combat Cancer and other ugly diseases, has come a wide range of scam artists looking to cash in on consumer ignorance of the product. Not only has the Attorney General issued a warning against all free trials of Acai Berry products offered online, there has also been concerns about the unregulated selling of Acai Berry products as products to boost sexual health, help you shed pounds, and fight disease through colon-cleansing properties.

The latest scam on the rise in relation to this “wonder berry” is internet companies posing as medical experts in the form of informative articles. Sure, you know an ad when you see one-that is a straightforward one; but lately there has been a lot of ads on the internet masquerading as solid sources of Acai Berry information. If you are considering any Acai Berry product online, make sure to evaluate the article or ad very closely and always use the utmost in vigilance.