Acai Berry and Other Superfoods Fight Cancer

Acai Berry and Other Superfoods Fight Cancer (Acai Berries and their Anti-Cancer properties.)

According to a recent story by and published on MSN Health, Acai Berry and other superfoods rich in antioxidants do fight cancer and prevent new tumors from forming according to the most recent research. With studies still being performed the consensus is fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants prevent cancerous tumors from forming and end the growth of current tumors in the body.

Acai Berries

Acai Berries Top the List

The list of natural cancer fighting antioxidant fruits and vegetables begins with Acai Berries. Grouped with blueberries, raspberries and cranberries, Acai Berries from Brazil are a part of a group of phytochemicals which greatly improve the ability of the body to fight and resist cancer. It is highly suggested that mothers and parents add these products to their family’s diet to increase everyone’s resistance to cancer.

Studies that have Shown Cancer Cell Destruction

A number of studies have shown Acai Berry, blueberry, and cranberry to destroy cancer cells and prevent new cancer cells from forming in the body. A study by the University of Florida demonstrated Acai Berries ability to destroy the cells in cultures. Blueberries have been shown in studies to kill cancer cells in the liver. While studies have recently shown cranberries prevent ovarian cancer in woman.

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