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The Jorge Cruise 100 Plan

The Jorge Cruise 100 Plan

The Jorge Cruise 100 plan is one of the hottest new diets on the market, promising extreme results without requiring that dieters give up all sweets. Based on the idea that not all calories are created equal, the diet gives dieters a chance to eat some of their favorites while still watching their waistlines.

The Jorge Cruise 100 plan is deceptively simple. The crux of the plan is not on limiting all calories, but rather on limiting the calories that come from carbohydrates. Rather than eliminating carbs, the diet is based on eating no more than one hundred carbohydrates from sugar in a single day. While this might seem like quite the luxury to those who have been on zero-carb diets in the past, the diet requires that its adherents take a look at what they eat and discover how many carbohydrate calories they put in their bodies every day. What most find will surprise them, and lead them to a healthier eating style.

The diet has had remarkable results, at least according to Cruise. Those who follow the diet are reported to lose about eighteen pounds in two weeks, a truly miraculous sum. Given the book’s reliance on cutting out sugars, though, the results are not actually that outlandish. When those who follow the book take the time to actually look at what they eat and make smarter choices about what they should and should not have, the odds of losing weight are actually much higher than those experienced by individuals who choose to eliminate carbs completely.

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Red Blossom Tea Company And Its Products

Red Blossom Tea Company And Its Products

The Red Blossom Tea Company in San Francisco is a tea lover’s delight. The company has a tea shop in Chinatown, but it also imports rare teas from around the world. In additional to selling loose-leaf teas, the company also offers a variety of teaware crafted by talented artisans.

Tea Inventory

Tea Inventory (Photo credit: euphbass)

For tea lovers, there are many exotic teas to try. Red Blossom Tea products include green, white, black, oolong and pu-erh teas from Taiwan, Fujian, Wuyi and Zhejiang among other places.

The buyers for the company travel to the best locations around the globe for each type of tea and buy directly from the growers. The company does not buy from distributors or wholesalers in order to ensure the highest quality teas.

The Red Blossom Tea Company also offers collections of teas for those new to tea drinking. The collections include the best teas the company has to offer in small quantities. With this sampling of teas, you can expand your appreciation of different teas based on taste and aroma.

Other Red Blossom Tea products include teaware. Customers can purchase tea bowls, tea pots, tea sets, and tea trays in addition to other useful accessories for tea drinking. This teaware is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These products enhance the tea drinking experience.

The Red Blossom Tea Company provides an excellent selection of rare teas and attractive teaware for the discerning tea lover or beginner tea drinker. It is a place where you can drink teak, buy tea, and learn about tea to make your experience enjoyable

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Acai Berry And More 2013 Diet Foods

Acai Berry and 2013 Diet Foods

January is always the best time to start a diet and decide to live a healthy life. Although there are many exercises and diet plans that can help you get the body you have always wanted, knowing which one to follow is a daunting task. Thankfully, there is a simple way to lose those extra fats and that is by eating superfoods such as:

Acai Berry Smoothies

Acai is a fruit of a palm tree with the same name. It is native around the area of the Amazon Forest and it is known to be rich with antioxidants, amino acids and other nutrients. An Acai fruit is originally dark purple in color. It is rare to find acai berries in the supermarket. However, most cafes and gyms around the country offer Acai in powder form which can be added to fruit shakes and smoothies.

IFASAcaiKale Chips

Do you love potato chips? If so, you will even love kale chips. Kale chips are vegetable chips that are packed with the anti-cancer ingredient, bioflavonoids. Aside from this, kale is also rich in potassium, folate, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium. You can purchase these baked treats at health-food stores nationwide.

Dairy-free Protein Powder

A sachet of protein powder has 20 grams or more of protein which is perfect if you need a high-protein diet. This is also perfect for vegetarians and for losing weight as it provides your body with the protein it needs without getting it from pork chops, eggs and cheese. For those with lactose intolerance, there are several dairy-free protein powders available in supermarkets.

Coconut Products

Aside from Acai Berry, drinking coconut water can also help you lose weight. Coconut water is rich with unique fatty acids as well as sodium and potassium. Coconut flesh is also a good source of fiber.

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Easy Recipes Using Medifast Shakes

The Medifast diet is a clinically proven low fat diet program that helps you to lose weight quickly. It has pre-packaged foods which have to be eaten according to the directions given in the plan. The diet has different kinds of flavors and foods ranging from soups to shakes to scrambled eggs. If you have plans for starting Medifast, then you need to make arrangements accordingly and get to know more about the food items. This will help you to get acquainted with the diet and make an easy start.

For those who have already started the diet and are a few weeks or months into it, the same kind of shakes could become boring. However, here are some ideas to make your shakes more interesting and tastier. You can add different kinds of sugar free syrups to your shakes. They will enhance the flavor of the shakes without increasing the calories. Some of the syrups you can use are the hazelnut syrup, which can be added to the banana flavored shakes. Also try different nutty flavors for the chocolate flavored shakes. You can also use a blender and ice cubes instead of the plastic shaker to make the shake appear more frothy and thick, which also tends to make it tastier.

There are two varieties of shakes available: the ready-to-eat and the powdered mixes. They are available in different flavors like the French vanilla, orange creme, strawberry creme, banana creme, Dutch chocolate.

Here are a few recipes using Medifast shakes that you can prepare in seconds.

Chocolate Medifast shake: one chocolate shake and 8 oz of cold coffee. Blend both these together and leave it in the fridge to form a creamy mix.

Black Cherry bomb: one vanilla Medifast shake, quarter teaspoon black cherry kool-aid mix, ice cubes. Mix all the ingredients in a blender to get a delicious shake.

Dreamsicle: one orange Medifast shake, 8 oz of diet cream soda, ice cubes. Put all these in the blender and mix well to get a frothy and delicious shake.

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Get Rid Of Underarm Jiggle with These Tips

If you’re looking to get rid of underarm jiggle, it’s important that you take the smartest approach possible to combat this problem head on.  Far too many people are not using the right techniques when aiming to get rid of underarm jiggle and because of this, do not see the results they’re after.

The following tips are going to help you get rid of that underarm jiggle once and for all while developing a more toned and defined look.

Perform Two Triceps Exercises per Session

The very first thing you should be doing if you want to get rid of your underarm jiggle is perform a variety of different triceps weight lifting exercises.  This is going to help firm and tone that muscle area so it’s not only stronger, but looks better as well.

Since muscles respond best to variety, don’t let yourself get hung up on only one particular exercise.

Instead, mix it up between a number of different movements, adding at least two per workout.  Good triceps exercises include bent over triceps extensions, overhead triceps extensions, dips, rope press-downs and triangle push-ups.

Don’t forget that you’ll also work the triceps any time you’re doing a bench press, a shoulder press, or an incline press as well.

Add In Interval Cardio Training

The next thing that you must be doing to help get rid of the underarm jiggle is add in some interval cardio training.  This form of cardio is going to be far more effective for increasing the metabolic rate which then helps speed up the entire fat loss process.

By doing interval training rather than your regular cardio workouts, you’ll not only help to reduce the underarm jiggle but you’ll also lean up the entire rest of your body as well. Since losing the underarm jiggle comes down to just lowering the entire body fat level, as the arms look better all other areas will too.

Be Sure To Use a Lowered Calorie Diet

Finally the last thing that you must be sure you’re doing is using a lower calorie diet.  Exercising is definitely going to help with losing the underarm jiggle but if you’re taking in too many calories, you still are going to struggle.  It’s very easy to eat back what you burned off in an entire workout session in a matter of minutes if you’re not careful so by paying attention to your diet you’ll really be speeding up the process of reaching this goal.

Loosing that underarm jiggle is going to require a combination of a lower calorie diet that’s high in protein and vegetables, enough interval cardio training to boost the metabolism and help shed body fat all over, as well as appropriate strength training exercises that will stimulate the area right underneath the arms.

It’s important to realize however that you can’t spot reduce so even though you may be performing all your triceps strengthening exercises, it’s only when you’re successfully able to bring the body fat levels down that you’re really going to accomplish success.

This article is a guest post by Nick. Nick writes for Muscle Building & Healthy Weight Blog – Building Body Nick also follows fat loss and fitness programs and provides first hand reviews of this programs on his blog. Right now he is trying a program called 7 Minute Muscle –You should check out his blog to read more of it. Also, subscribe to fitness newsletter.

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Five Great Beverages for Weight Loss

Five Great Beverages for Weight Loss

As you set out on your weight loss diet, it’s incredibly important that you’re being mindful of everything that you’re drinking.  Far too many people just focus on what they’re eating without giving any thought and attention to the drinks they are consuming which could really be driving their calorie intake up there.

By taking the time to ensure that you’re only putting smart beverages into your body, you’re going to see that much better results from your effort.

Here are five great beverages to consider adding to your day that do offer fat loss benefits.


Clearly the best choice for beverage selection while aiming for weight loss is plain old water.  Drinking enough water on a daily basis is going to help you stay hydrated while also making sure your metabolic rate is functioning as effectively as possible.

If you are at all dehydrated throughout the day this will have a significant influence on how many calories you burn over the course of the day, making further fat loss that much more difficult.

If you’re struggling to get in enough water each day, consider adding a slice of lemon or lime to it to help jazz up the flavor.


Second, another great beverage to include on your weight loss diet is milk.  Many studies have indicated that those who do consume lower fat dairy products achieve greater weight loss success, especially with abdominal fat.

As long as you are making sure to work the calories from the milk into your daily total, you can’t go wrong with this drink.

Protein Powder

Third, the next thing that you must not cut from your diet is a quality whey protein powder.  Getting in enough protein on a fat loss diet is the one thing that will stop you from losing muscle mass loss and since many people do struggle to get in enough protein, having this whey protein powder in there will be incredibly helpful.

Just watch that you’re not mixing your protein powder in with too many other ingredients and driving the overall calorie intake up there however otherwise that may put a stop to your weight loss progress.

Green Tea

One of the best hot beverages to drink if you’re looking for something to warm you up on a cold day is green tea.  Green tea actually contains certain properties that will help to speed up the metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories every minute of the day.

Green tea also helps to protect against many different diseases, so from a health standpoint it’s also an excellent one to be adding.

Herbal Tea

Finally, if you aren’t a green tea fan, consider a simple herbal tea. This will not contain the caffeine that regular coffee would but will still provide the appetite lowering benefits of a hot liquid.

Herbal teas may also help to reduce your craving for something sweet if you use a fruit variety sweetened with stevia, so that’s something to consider as well.

By starting to pay more attention to what you’re drinking as well as what you’re eating you can guarantee that you make the most of your weight loss program.

This is a guest post by Nick Clipton. Nick owns and writes for www.Building Body His newsletter has lots of effective tips on fitness and nutrition. Nick also reviews fat loss and muscle building programs. These days he is following a fitness program – 7 Minute Muscle – This program is for people who want to stay fit without spending really long time on workouts or gym. You can subscribe to his newsletter to receive more such tips and information.

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